Monday, August 18, 2014

A Volunteer Day - Association of Travel Instruction - 14th Annual Conference 8/19/14

As a Ride Connection Volunteer, I spent a couple hours helping with the pre-registration for the attendees of the Association of Travel Instruction annual gathering, this year, here in Portland, OR. 

This two and a half day event helps reps from all over the US to understand and create more powerful ways to serve their various communities through public transportation.

Just some of the many topics covered at this year's event:

Safety on Public Transportation
Strategies to Overcome Fear of Public Trans.
Working with Elected Officials
Embracing and Incorporating the Faith Based Community in Public Trans. Issues
Expecting Independence, Especially within the Disabled and Senior Communities

Panel discussions, key notes, and of course, lots of receptions and networking opps.

Welcome to Portland, everyone!! We are so glad you chose us to host the conference and know you are enjoying everything our fair city has to offer.

Me, with Christina C., my 'boss' at Ride Connection.

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