Sunday, September 13, 2015

Can Science and Spirit Ever See Eye to Eye? Yes!

Spirit and science are not mutually exclusive. And, we can create a world where all can live in peace. First, a mind set change. This site., may be helpful and useful to you if you are serious about a better heart, and better self, a better world. Here's an excerpt from the Manifesto:

In order to have a co-creative community space where people can collaborate and cooperate effectively in their normal day-to-day activities or in their sharing of or search for secular or spiritual truth while discovering, creating and personalizing that truth it is necessary to have a safe and collaborative environment with wise and healthy yet flexible boundaries. A safe and collaborative environment with appropriate boundaries creates the basic social agreements, shared community. culture and values and procedural and organizational flow and harmony essential to effective learning, creating and maintaining healthy individual and communities. And, equally as important this safe and collaborative environment also acts to gracefully manage naturally arising conflicts in secular facts, ideas and spiritual beliefs in an optimized way in order that the community may effectively move in unity toward its stated goals.
Over the last 10 years we have evolved the Open Source Spirituality Manifesto to help us achieve that optimal safe environment for learning, collaboration and cooperation for individual and community secular and spiritual development within the omni-denominational and trans-denominational Evolution Spirituality movement. We have been surprised by how many of the manifesto's principles can be adapted (with a bit of extrapolation,) directly to secular matters within the community as well.

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