Saturday, March 14, 2015

How to Spend a Rainy Day in Portland....

We've had a very dry winter. Today, to my joy, rain returned. Not for long, but a nice dose, just the same. Temps are expected into the 70sF in a day or so. Right now, I will enjoy the kind of weather for which we are supposed to be known.

I did errands for the first half of the day without an umbrella. After all that, and it was much, I spent time on Facebook, then updating my YouTube channel. I practiced a few vocals and hit a few ivories.

Finally, I have settled into someone else's music. And now, as I write, with some greats sounds in the background, I can feel the tensions of the day, the fog in the brain, and the gurgling in the gut all melting away. (Oh, Lady Gaga just rang in. I like Gaga. I may be the only 70 year old who does.)

Thankfully, it's still raining.

The universe, it is said, is a combination of math, motion, and music. I believe it. I'm feeling very universal right now.