Monday, July 25, 2016

Are Conservatives Too Scared to Change? Are Liberals Too Stubborn to Bend?

"Northeastern and most coastal states will vote for the candidate who is more closely aligned with international cooperation and engagement, secularism and science, gun control, individual freedom in culture and sexuality, and a greater role for the government in protecting the environment and ensuring economic equality." Steven Pinker

What do you think of Pinker's quote? I asked a couple of colleagues and here are just three comments:

"I think Pinker is right. The middle of the country is too staunchly conservative to give a damn about such things as equality and justice. They are stuck in a past century and fear change too much." D.L.

"Pinker seems by implication to suggest that the conservative is a lug and has no concern for freedom and equality. As a conservative, I take issue with him. We like our stability, but we know change is inevitable." S.R.

"I've heard this kind of stuff for years. The coasts go liberal, the middle and south of the county go conservative. It's more complicated than that. Take Denver, or Cleveland, or Atlanta. Lots of liberals in those cities. Sure, they're surrounded by country bumpkins, but the cities usually swing the state in their own direction." P.Z.

The outcome of this election season will prove to be challenging, no matter the winners. Even if you don't like the presidential candidates, there are a lot of Congress people up for reelection as well. They matter more than the White House. 

So please vote in November. Your city, state, and nation depend on you.

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