Thursday, August 18, 2016

Living In Pairs: How to Keep Your Relationship Humming Right Along

Sometimes we wonder why our partner might wander or even consider wandering. 

It’s hard to read another person’s mind, but if you’re serious about keeping your current relationship on track and not becoming another ‘separation statistic,’ here are some powerful tips to help you keep it all humming…
  •  Pay attention and be aware of your partner’s needs. Do your best to meet them without sacrificing your own integrity.
  •  How did you behave when you were wooing your partner? Do those same things now.
  •  Find ways to make sex more fun. Use your imagination. The brain is the largest and most powerful sex organ.
  •  Look for and make opportunities to listen…and to talk when necessary.
  •  Romance should never die. Send cards, gifts, flowers. Date again!
  •  Avoid high-risk situations. Discuss this with your partner and ask him/her to do the same. You know what this means. Like not allowing yourself to be tempted…
  •  Be polite. Say nice things both to and about your partner, in public, and privately.
  •  Spend regular alone time together.
  •  Greet your partner when he/she comes through the door. Don’t just take them for    granted.
  •  Show how glad you are to see him/her. Do it with gusto, energy, sincerity.
  •  Recommit to your shared values.  
  •  Accept that you are responsible for your own well-being while at the same time allowing your partner to treat you well. And do the same in return.
  •  Be proactive in nurturing your relationship. It’s the most important investment you’ll make. Give it the time and attention it truly deserves.
  •  Look for a thousand ways to express appreciation and respect.
  •  And let your partner know he/she is safe with you, including secrets, esteem issues, physical conditions, and spiritual challenges.
Relationships are never easy. But the more we commit to making them work, the better they’ll be and the more satisfied we’ll be.

Only you can decide if it’s worth it. 

It is, right?

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