Monday, August 8, 2016

Your Fear: Enemy, or Best Friend?

We've all been raised in fear. 

No matter your culture, your parentage, or your locale, fear is and always has been the basis of and for you life. Harsh? Not really when you consider the nature of things.


All living creatures have a built in response to outside disturbance. From amoeba to gorillas, cats to chimps, hedge hogs to humans, when something invades our space, we react. It's a survival thing. Can't be helped. You're road kill without it.

So, when all the various 'spiritual' gurus tell you to dump fear, what do they really want you to do? Or be? Or have?

Fear in all its guises serves an evolutionary purpose: To protect you. (Even if the boogey man is fiction.) And has served us well. After a couple million years of fighting off everything from viruses to volcanoes to Vlad the Impaler, humans are still here. We've yet to evolve into something else, or off the planet.

What I think the gurus MAY be trying to get across to you, to me, to us is this:

Accept your built in fear, realize it serves you, but don't let it control you. Trying to eliminate it defeats the purpose. 

Let fear be a source of strength rather than weakness. Use it to hold you up, not tear you down. 

If you make it your friend, it can never be your enemy.

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