Thursday, September 22, 2016

"My Life Is Blessed And I Share It With The World."

Service to the world: My one and only calling. 

What's yours?

I have been volunteering with Ride Connection* in Portland for 12 years. 

This week, I was privileged to escort a great group of seniors from Cherrywood Village in East Portland to the Oregon Zoo for free Senior Day. 

They all told me they had a grand ol' time and thanked me for being their willing travel guide. I thanked them for the honor.

The main purpose of these outings is to help people learn how to use our wonderful public transportation system here in Portland. It gives them confidence to be able to use it on their own. It helps them, it helps the city, it helps the environment when more people use public trans instead of driving all the time.

* is a transportation advocate for seniors and people with disabilities in Portland, Oregon and surrounding communities. 

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