Monday, September 19, 2016

Your Opportunity is Calling--Are You Listening?

You hold the key!

By Richard Kent Matthews

Opportunity is not a one time thing. You're standing in the midst of it right now!

The famous hotel magnate, Kemmons Wilson, once wrote, "Opportunity comes often. It knocks as often you have an ear trained to hear it, an eye trained to see it, a hand trained to grasp it, and head trained to use it."

I say 'Spot on, Kemmons!"

Let's make this as simple as possible. Opportunities are literally rolling at your feet. When you actually notice them, they are ecstatic. Here's how to notice them more often:

  • Wake up each day in a state of gratitude. Program yourself to do so each night before going to sleep. This one practice, in and of itself, will make a dramatic difference in your ability to spot opportunities.
  • Listen to what's going on around you. Focus your attention outside your own self-involvment, just a little more than usual. 
  • Become willing to risk a bit more. Dare to step outside of your normal patterns. 
  • Create some new questions, like, "What might things look like if my current problem was solved overnight?" Answer that question. What WOULD your life be like if your most pressing current issue was resolved? Are you certain you can even answer that? Try again. Try harder.
  • Could you give a little more? Yeah, I think so. Giving creates a certain kind of energy in your life that doesn't happen without it. Increase your giving even a little and watch what happens.
  • Quit complaining (This is key!). Quit feeling sorry for yourself. Self pity is the Number One Block that stands between you and your best successes, your best relationships, your best life, and of course, opportunity. And it's a habit. You may have to do a withdrawal process. (Is there an AA for complainers? Maybe we should start one!!)
If you make only one commitment this year, let it be the commitment to quit the self pity. If you can do that--and you can--you won't have to work nearly as hard on the first of these bullet points, the gratitude practice. It will come automatically.

If you are still on this planet (and you must be if you're reading this, eh?) you have overcome every obstacle that has been thrown into your path. You are already a tremendous success. And the more you realize that, the more opportunities will show themselves. Guaranteed.

Or your money back!

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