Saturday, October 22, 2016

Poverty: State of Reality, or State of Mind?

The Sea of Cortez from my friend Steven's deck in Baja California, Mexico

“God designed us to be happy 
but gave us the choice.” 
Anders Rive (sculptor)

I heard someone say recently that the poorest of poor in developing nations would give anything to live like the poor in the US or Canada. To the poorest, North American poor are rich by any comparison.

But do the North American poor see it that way? Perhaps in some cases, but mostly no. 

If the energy placed in the practice of self victimhood, whining, and complaining could be turned into appreciation for what one does have, into gratitude for the ability to change what we need to change, and the determination to go forward without bellyaching all the time, the North American poor--and ALL poor--would not suffer nearly so much.

"Being broke is a temporary situation; but been poor [can be] a permanent state of mind." Mike Todd

We as nations and states do indeed need policy changes. But poverty is first and foremost a state of mind, of consciousness. 

Change your mind, and you change everything. Even if appearances take a while to catch up.

As the old saying goes, Pain is inevitable; suffering is a choice.

You want things to be different? Change your mind. 

You don't have to cling to poverty.

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