Monday, October 24, 2016

The Irresistible, Progressive New Thought Church/Congregation/Family

How to be a great force for good in the world...

Most of my readers know that I am an ordained Independent New Thought minister. Lots of groups, organizations, and churches call themselves New Thought and continue to a good work in the world.

But are you irresistible? Are you attractive? What is your agenda, New Thought people? Are they beating a path to your door? 

The Irresistible New Thought Church:

  1. Hungers for the Presence. There is only One Power and it is the Center of Focus. It resides in everything.
  2. Remembers who and what it really is.
  3. Lives first from the heart/mind.
  4. Practices ongoing gratitude.
  5. Promotes healthy relationships with each other and the world. Is inclusive regardless of gender, race, religion, orientation, or history.
  6. Is always learning, never closed, open to new information and experience.
  7. Promotes spiritual awareness and self feeding.
  8. Connects everything to Spirit and Soul.
  9. Chooses to love in PRACTICE, condemns no one.
  10. Takes risks, reaches out.
  11. Remains humble. (No one has ALL the truth.)
  12. Has a plan, sets goals, and remains flexible.
  13. Embraces change and growth.
  14. Lives in the moment, sees (creates) tomorrow, releases the past while learning from it.
The bottom line: The New Thought church reaches out gently, in love, to the community, never pushy, always welcoming. 

Is that you, New Thought church?

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