Monday, January 2, 2017

Surviving the Gurus, Believing in Life

By Richard Kent Matthews

Survival at all costs. That, my friend, is your Number One Goal. 

Not love, not work, not relationship.


One of my favorite books is The Game of God by Arthur Hancock. In it, he says this:

People react with hatred when their beliefs are threatened because their beliefs are the way they cope with the fear of the unknown. Rather than face the terror of their true ignorance, they attack that which threatens their coping mechanisms.

People identify with their beliefs and thus identify with the survival effort of those beliefs as well.

There are some beliefs that will never change. There are also those that, faced with a major challenge or shocking new information, can change instantly.

However, you will continue to operate from a position of belief to the day you die. Why? Because survival is the number one drive of the organism, that is YOU. Belief is part of the drive. Without belief, you are already dead. 

No matter what the gurus may tell you.

Accept it. You're always going to believe something. And that's ok. 

You're still on the planet, right?

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