Monday, January 9, 2017

Warning! Your Words Create Your Experience

By Richard Kent Matthews

What are you saying?

"To say a thing must be is the very power that makes it." - Prentice Mulford 


It'a an old word usually associated with amateur magicians. And it has a rich and somewhat mysterious history. Basically, it means this:

I create as I speak!

"A possible source is Aramaic: אברא כדברא avra kedabra which means 'Creating as speaking' which is thought to be in reference to God creating the universe (in some belief systems, ex nihilo, most notably the Abrahamic religions), by speaking (see also Fiat Lux)."

(To read more, click Abracadabra)

We've known for a very long time that our words contain power. We speak, we create. So, when you open your mouth to speak, consider the experience you may be creating.

(Some say the more emotion attached to the words, the more likely they manifest.) 

Nothing is as random as it may appear. Magic is everywhere. As you speak, you create!

Change your words, change your experience. It really is that simple.

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