Thursday, February 9, 2017

God's Will: Can You Spot It?

Edited by Richard Kent Matthews - Author | Coach | Speaker

What is God's Will, Really?
If God were to make out a Will, this is how it might read:

"Being of sound mind, I hereby turn all creation over to the created. I will withhold all wrath, punishment, reward, and interference. I have set the universe in motion, with all the laws it needs to operate without sticking my finger into the mix. I release it and let it unfold as it will. The creation does not have to believe in me or recognize me." Signed, God.

Could you live with that kind of will? Or do you need a god who imposes itself upon the Creation? A god who whines when things don't seem to go his way, or when his creatures don't always act in accordance with his wishes?

The will you choose determines your movements through life. 

Are you able to accept freedom, or is divine enslavement more comfy?

It's your choice.

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