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How to Create a Whole New Mindset in 10 Simple and Powerful Steps (The Better Thinking Series) Part 3: Befriending Your Discontent

Richard Kent Matthews - Coach | Author | Speaker

(The Better Thinking Series)

The season of your discontent?


You’ve been doing it all your life. It's served you well or you wouldn't be here, reading this. Yet, when you learn to think in better, more powerful and meaningful ways, you change not only yourself, but the world around you.

ou’ve been thinking in habitual patterns. Change the patterns of thinking and a new world opens for you. When your mindset changes, your life changes.)

Examining Your Discontent

“What you resist persists!”

Most of us are discontent to one degree or another. It seems to almost be genetic. We want more of this, less of that, him in our lives, her out of our lives. A better job, more retirement money, a condo in Boca. Perhaps more steak and less meatloaf. We want to be lead singer in a rock band or design the next big hip hop clothing line. 

Discontentment leaves clues. And your first clue is restlessness. Do any of these fit you?

  • Dragging out of bed every morning
  • Increased cravings for coffee, sugar, binge foods, alcohol
  • Decreased interest in pleasure
  • Too much TV
  • Weight gain
  • Less laughter, especially at yourself
  • Seeking approval from whoever will give it or using the term “It’s not fair!”
  • Putting yourself down or feeling underappreciated
  • Feeling tired even when you’re rested
  • A feeling that you don’t own your own life
  • Lying because you fear the truth or think it isn’t good enough
  • Suspicion of others and perhaps a bit more loss of temper
Discontent is a signal. It's trying to tell you something. But if you deny it or get defensive about it, you won't hear what it has to say. Confront it openly, yet gently. Appreciate its source, whether anger or fear of change, perhaps a nagging desire you haven't let come to the surface. 

How to ease the discontent in your life and make it a bit more blissful

  1. Choose to take more responsibility for your feelings. Visualize a beautiful day
  2. Become more conscious of what you’re putting into your body…and when
  3. Drink more water
  4. Move a little more
  5. Be more honest with yourself (Can take practice!)
  6. Actually acknowledge—to yourself—the people in your life each day
  7. Avoid all drugs, including sugar! Talk to your doctor about minimum drug use
  8. Practice loving kindness, forgiveness, and prayer/meditation
  9. Trust that your body and mind know how to bring peace and healing to your life. Commit to treating yourself with respect
  10. Don’t let the news be the last thing you experience before bedtime. It sets a tone!!

Even if you don't currently realize it, you live in a blessed world, in spite of appearances. But it's up to you, to each of us, to change our perception about what is happening within us, around us, and because of us. 

Discontent is not a bad thing. If you allow it to share with you its message, it might even be the start of a great adventure.

“It’s not enough to do your best; you must know 
what to do, and then do your best.”

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