Monday, February 6, 2017

You Say You Seek Truth?

Edited by Richard Kent Matthews - Author | Speaker | Coach

What, then, is Truth?
“Hear those who say they seek truth; run from those who say they’ve found it.” An Old Philosopher’s Quote. . .

When you say you seek Truth, are you ready to accept it from wherever it comes and follow it wherever it leads you? If you only want to justify your own agendas, or dogmas, you are not seeking Truth, but false comfort. 

There are plenty of old books and bibles that others will tell you teach Truth. But do they, really? Maybe, maybe not. So, while you seek, also practice. And the best practice? Well, this should do for starters:

Do the least harm and the most good.

That may not be Ultimate Truth. But it will certainly do until the Ultimate comes along. And it is enough challenge for a lifetime. 

Selfishness is a natural drive, not easily dissuaded from controlling your life. If you don't put on the brakes, who will? 

Truth is elusive. But being kind isn't. It's all up to you.


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