Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to Create a Whole New Mindset in 10 Simple and Powerful Steps (The Better Thinking Series) Part 6: Kindness

By Richard Kent Matthews - Coach | Author | Speaker

(Better Thinking Series)

Kindness—The Way of Active Compassion

“Love’s opposite is not hate; it is indifference.”


You've been doing it all your life. It's served you well or you wouldn't be here, reading this. Yet, when you learn to think in better, more powerful and meaningful ways, you change not only yourself, but the world around you.

You've been thinking in habitual patters. Change the patterns of thinking and a new world opens for you. When your mindset changes, your life changes.)

“Kindness is compassion in action. It is a way of taking the vital human emotions of empathy and sympathy and channeling those emotions into a real-life confrontation with ruthlessness, abandonment, thoughtlessness, loneliness—all of the myriad ways every single day we find ourselves suffering or witnessing suffering in others.”
Sharon Salzberg, The Force of Kindness

Are you kind? 

Kindness is the natural inclination of humanity, in spite of the appearances. Another word is ‘cooperation.’ And we've been practicing it for a long time. Proof? We're still here.

Practicing kindness daily helps you develop a kindness mentality. Compassion without action is just pity. Practice creates a habit, which eventually becomes second nature.

There is an unnumbered amount of opportunities to practice kindness each day, each moment. Here's a list of suggestions to get you started:

“Your neighbor is your other self dwelling behind a wall. In understanding, all walls shall fall down. Who knows but that your neighbor is your better self wearing another body? See that you love [them] as you would yourself. [They] too are a manifestation of the Most High.”
Kahlil Gibran

“If you knew, as I do, the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it with someone.” The Buddha

Kindness, then, is as much for you as for the one who receives it from you. 

Your joy is inextricably linked with the joy of the world. Or the apathy, the sadness, the pain.

Your choice.

When you make kindness a habit, it affects all your other habits. And some of those old nagging bad habits will change much more readily.

Start today. If you can insert a few more acts of kindness into your daily routine, you'll end your day on a very high note.

And that's a whole lot better than grumpy!

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