Monday, May 22, 2017

How to Create a Whole New Mindset in 10 Simple and Powerful Steps (The Better Thinking Series - Introduction)

By Richard Kent Matthews - Coach | Author | Speaker

Better Thinking
(A 10-part Series)
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 The quality of your thinking determines 
the quality of your life!


You’ve been doing it all your life. It's served you well or you wouldn't be here, reading this. Yet, when you learn to think in better, more powerful and meaningful ways, you change not only yourself, but the world around you. You’ve been thinking in habitual patterns. Change the patterns of thinking and a new world opens for you. When your mindset changes, your life changes.

My dad used to say that his life was destined for failure. No matter how much we tried to talk him out of it, he clung to that view. Consequently, he subconsciously acted out in ways that proved he was himself. Even though he had a great family, never let his kids go hungry or without a roof over their heads, still he left this world thinking he was a complete failure. He wouldn't change his mind. He didn't know how.

All it takes is a small shift...

Water boils at 212 degrees but not at 211 degrees. Just one degree of shift in thinking can make you fairly sizzle with new life, new joy, new appreciation! 

Hey, wait! 

You may be thinking "It’s too difficult, too time consuming, too unrewarding, too late to change my thinking. I'm set." But it's only in the changing of your habitual thought patterns that life takes on a new glow. The miraculous shows itself. And that, ultimately, is what physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth is all about

When you apply the principles in this series of posts, you'll begin to change the following ways of thinking. . .

  • Jumping to conclusions 
  • Losing track of goals 
  • Focusing on the trivial 
  • Accepting inaccurate information without question 
  • Ignoring information that doesn’t support your views 
  • Missing good ideas 
  • Misusing words 
  • Unawareness of your prejudices 
  • Thinking narrowly, imprecisely, illogically, hypocritically, superficially, ego- or ethnocentrically, irrationally, over-emotionally 
  • Blaming history, parents, friends, school, church 
To these ways of thinking. . .

  • Sticking to issues and solving problems 
  • Pursuing more rational goals 
  • Asking productive questions Having more control over your emotions more understanding of others’ point of view 
  • Becoming more reasonable, less controlling 
  • Less submissive or easily manipulated 
  • Less worry 
  • Letting go of childhood baggage 
  • Being able to admit it when you’re wrong 
  • Living from a place of personal integrity, honesty, and consistency 
  • More interested in helping the world 
  • Less selfish and yet more abundant 
  • More intellectually and spiritually alert 
  • Recognizing that changing your thinking is a lifelong commitment
  • And discovering more joy, more beauty, and more fun!
You're just like other humans; therefore, you can expect to find all human failings within yourself, which means you are self-centered and self-deceived. That's not such a bad thing, though. It's made you tough, resilient, and capable. You have a set of gifts and talents to offer that no one else has.

The path to new thinking is simple but it's not necessarily easy. Breaking old habits of any kind rarely is, especially habits of mind. Still, to be, do, and have what you claim you want takes a shift in attitude, an adjustment in purpose, a deliberate decision to change your thinking. 

Are you up for it? Yeah, you are. Welcome to better thinking!

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