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What You May Not Know About God...and Probably Should

Richard Kent Matthews - Spiritual Advisor | Author | Speaker

The New Thought spiritual path and how it relates to God

“The word ‘God’ is not found in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek or Latin Bibles. The word seems to be derived from old Indo-European languages, particularly Persian and might possibly derive from Pagan sources.” (Wikipedia)

I'm a New Thought minister, counselor, practitioner and teacher. Usually, when I tell folks that, the first questions they ask are:

What do you believe about God? And, Do you believe in salvation, heaven, and hell?

Well, the second question answer I'll save for another post. In this one, I will share what I believe and what many, though not all, people within the New Thought family believe when it comes to God, or Spirit, or Source.

The biblical God has been a source of disagreement for centuries. The word “God” is not even a proper noun. It’s a title, a symbol applied to an enigma: a loving, caring Father, as well as a vengeful, jealous and seemingly power hungry dictator. The Old Testament refers to Him as YHWH (the Tetragrammaton), which is not a name; rather, it's a sacred Hebrew reference to the Unnameable, the Ineffable, the Invisible, deliberately left without vowels to make it unpronounceable.*  

To name is to define, and hence, limit by the definition. It is for that reason the God of the Torah (first five books of the Old Testament) remains nameless.

When New Thought communities speak of God, they are usually referring to:

Mystery, the Source of All That Is, undefined, unlimited, everywhere present. As the saying goes, There is no spot where God is not. Infinite means infinite.
Experience. As we walk through the world, we are constantly reminded of the Presence by what we see with the eye and observe with the mind and heart. Spirit makes itself known through the experience of the cosmos itself, right down to the flower by the doorstep. 
Relationship. We recognize not only the Presence of God in the world, but the immanent presence of God in our life through interaction with others. The practices of kindness and generosity, done with intention and joy, are ways we express God in the world.

God, then, is not a unique and separate entity. God is the very essence of our being. We not only stand in the Presence of God, we are the Presence of God, standing.

Omnipotence: The Spirit is not only all powerFUL but all power, period. 
Omniscience: Spirit is all knowing, but more; It is all knowledge. Omnipresence: The Source of All is present in every atom, every quark, and even in any empty space that might be hanging around! But most important, it is present in each heart, mind, and soul, now, at this moment. 

This spiritual path called New Thought makes the most astounding—and in many circles, reviled and blasphemous—claim of all: You are the Mystery, you are the Experience, you are God in expression.** God’s relationship with the world--God's Love--is made manifest in our relationships with each other.

We are the universe, discovering Itself, Spirit at play.

In the final analysis, the only name for God that matters is Love—active Love. Jesus said that to know God is to love. Without that, it’s just religion.

*English renderings of the Old Testament added vowels to read “Yahweh.”
**In both Psalms 82:6 and John 10:34, it's clear: We are gods.

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