Monday, May 1, 2017

You: Authentic, Independent, Living Out Loud

By Richard Kent Matthews - Coach | Author | Speaker

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What, then, is an authentic, 

independent person?

“If you ask me what I have come into the world to do,
I will tell you: I have come to live out loud.”
Emile Zola (19th C. French writer)

Authentic people speak their truth. They act from both head and heart. They walk their talk. They are courageous and have a sense of community. They are dreamers and have great imaginations. They take care of themselves. They prefer excellence to perfection, significance over material success. When it comes to what others tell them, they take only what resonates and leave the rest.

To be authentic means to be independent. Today, in this seemingly shaken world, independence means more than ever. You are no one's fool. You are able to spot the phonies, the manipulators, the jokers. 

If not, you can be. Here's how.

Simple steps to independence:

  • Recognize social conditioning. Cultural habits can be difficult to spot or break.
  • Expect hidden agendas, even from your closest companions.
  • Watch for flattery. Somebody wants something from you.
  • Ask more questions. Questions keep you in the driver’s seat.
  • You can always say ‘no,’ which can bring an abrupt end to manipulation.
  • Retain your own identity; it’s OK to be different.
  • Remain the eternal skeptic while maintaining your optimism.
  • Be kind. It comes back to you.
  • Do the least harm, the most good.
  • Smile. It'll make them wonder what you're up to!
By implementing the above suggestions, you do not separate from others. In fact, the more you retain your own and true identity and the less you allow yourself to be taken in, the more others are drawn to you. You bring the real you to the banquet of life. 

Rarely can anyone resist that kind of authenticity. 

“Wayfarer, there is no Way. We make the Way by walking.”

Spanish Poet

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