Thursday, May 11, 2017

You Know You're a Mother When...

By Richard Kent Matthews - Coach | Author | Speaker

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You make the world go 'round, Mum!

I found this some years ago, somewhere online, by someone I know not whom. I always like to share it again each year. Only a mother understands it. Anyone else, you're just guessing! 

"You know you’re a mother when you’re up each night until 10 pm, vacuuming, dusting, wiping, washing, drying, loading, unloading, shopping, cooking, driving, flushing, ironing, sweeping, picking up, changing sheets, changing diapers, bathing, helping with homework, paying bills, budgeting, clipping coupons, folding clothes, putting to bed, dragging out of bed, brushing, chasing, buckling, feeding, swinging, playing ball, bike riding, pushing trucks, cuddling dolls, roller blading, catching, blowing bubbles, running sprinklers, sliding, taking walks, coloring, crafting, jumping rope, raking, trimming, planting, edging, mowing, gardening, painting, and walking/feeding the dog. (You might even try to handle a career at the same time.)

You get up at 5:30 am and you have no time to eat, sleep, drink, or go to the bathroom, and yet—you still manage to gain 10 pounds!"

Happy Mother's Day!

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