Thursday, June 8, 2017

Being Your Best Self...Now and Forever

By Richard Kent Matthews - Coach | Author |  Speaker

Generosity creates abundance!

How to Create the Highest Good...
In Your Life and in the World

I used to think that by dropping a few dollars into a homeless person's begging box, or the church offering plate, or a can or two to the soup kitchen, I was doing the world a favor.


I was self appeasing. Do you know what that is? Sure you do. But let me remind you anyway. 

Self appeasing simply means you know what you should be doing but you don't want to. So you make tiny little gestures that make it seem as if you're actually doing the right and best thing. Others may even applaud you. You know, however, that you're them, and to yourself. 

Your karma is rumbling!

All karmic joking aside, if you haven't heard by now, what goes around, comes around. The law of cause and effect. There is a much better, and still quite simple, way. It's even easy if you put your mind to it. 

Here's the simple and honorable way to end the self appeasing, or at least, in the guilt producing way. Take your time, gentle steps, but take them:

  • Choose integrity. Keep your word. You're miles ahead of the game if you do just this one thing. Trust levels will skyrocket.
  • Choose excellence. Give your best. Half hearted efforts will not win the race. You expect if from others; they can expect it from you.
  • Choose generosity. Share your life. You have gifts and talents that you probably haven't even encountered yet. Open your mind to sharing and those gifts will begin to show themselves. Pay attention. They're there.
  • Choose forgiveness. Change your grievance story. I know. It's hard to let go of the hurts. But consider this: The forgiveness process is not so much for THEM, but for you. As you let go of the need to hold a grudge, your life improves, your health, your attitude, your spiritual walk...all of it. You are the Number One beneficiary of your forgiveness.
There you have it. Simple ways to not only be less self appeasing, but also to increase your joy levels, love levels, and the satisfaction of knowing you're back on track.

Bonus: When you come from a place of integrity, when you give your best, when you share your life, and when you let go of the woundedness, you become a new creature. The sun is brighter, the air more pure, the people less combative, the abundance more evident. 

I challenge you today to be the person you have been called to be, the talented, honest, wonderful being we all need. 

Thanks for being here.

"To know and not do is to still not know." The Buddha

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