Monday, June 5, 2017

Looking Around: Meditating on Your Relationships

By Richard Kent Matthews - Spiritual Advisor | Author | Speaker

Please don't text or meditate while driving! 

The saying goes, “Smile. When you’re old, all your wrinkles will be in the right places.”

I often meditate without closing my eyes. I want to be connected to my breath and to the world at the same time. It's a bit unorthodox, but what the hay!! 

This meditation, if you choose to join me, is wide open. Use it any time, any place, except, of course, while driving or having sex.

Entering the Space 

With your eyes open, take a deep healing breath. Life is in the breath; Spirit is in the breath.  Go within, in whatever way that’s comfortable for you, and be as aware as you can of being with all the people in the world, at this moment. Just be with them.  No judgment, no reticence. 

Be aware of whatever thoughts, feelings, and connections may move through your mind in regard to each of these dear ones. Become aware of the importance of how we look at each other, how we sense each other’s presence. How we pull, how we push. How we accept, how we resist.

Allow both the positive and the not so positive feelings to show themselves to you. Now simply release those that don’t fit. Decide to see each one, including yourself, as part of a greater family. Get very in touch with this picture, this feeling, this reality:

Relationship, after all, is what it means to be truly human. And today, it's more important than ever to maintain a connection with our fellows, in every way we can. That alone will save the world, not pie in the sky wishful thinking and hoping for far off heavens.

Choosing Connection

Oh, we can exist without others around us, if we so choose. The mountain, desert, and forest recluses are proof of that. And most of us will not thrive. In spite of the anxieties and annoyances, we are at our best in relationship with each other.

So, take some moments now to contemplate your part in this vast incredible, chaotic, topsy-turvy incomprehensibly wonderful, magnificent, and mysterious holy network called Humanity. 

You, like all of us, are necessary.

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