Thursday, July 27, 2017

Beliefs Can Betray You - As You Think, So You Are--The Series, Part 3

By Richard Kent Matthews - Coach | Author | Speaker

It's Nature, not Wrath!

The only major difference between progressive and conservative, evangelical approaches to spirituality is the belief in a literal Satan, the Devil, Lucifer. Progressives don't believe in him; evangelicals do. And the resulting difference is staggering!

I present this blog for one main reason: To help you break free from oppressive, fearful, judgmental, and even hateful religion.
Some people prefer that way of living; they even enjoy it. But not you. You know there's a better way, a gentler and more loving way. 

My job as a progressive New Thought minister, counselor, writer, and coach is to teach and share progressive spiritual principles. I do not claim to know or possess any kind of Ultimate Truth, as do some staunch religionists, East and West, but I do know that as you let go of fear, release judgment, and embrace Love, which I believe is the only Reality, you come into new relationship with the world. And with yourself. 

It's always up to you. 

What I Believe and Teach:

>There is One Power, One Presence, One Life, creator and sustainer of All That Is.

If the universe isn’t deliberate, then none of this makes sense. But I believe it IS deliberate. I don’t see it as an accidental Big Bang or the creation of some bookish deity; rather, it is both a rational and whimsical creation, full of mathematics and science stuff, but also an amazing brain, or brains, that can appreciate beauty, understand complex features, be amazed and captivated by the structure of it all. And seeks to discover what the universe has to offer, 'out there, ' and 'in here.'

It’s no hidden secret, no mystery. It’s all right here in front of us, just waiting to be revealed as our minds, hearts, and spirits continue to open to new possibilities.

Through science and meditation, physics and introspection, the universe happily shows itself to us in all its magnificent splendor. 

>That Life is our Life now. There is no separation; everything is interconnected.

As creatures among creatures, we've discovered that we are not as distinct from the rest of nature as we once believed. Western religion taught us that we were ‘above’ creation, made a little lower than the angels, with complete dominion over all other species and the earth itself. We have proven to be less than gentle caretakers.

 Only in the realization of our complete connection to everything will we finally get our act together, stop polluting our home, and come into a new relationship with each other and the creatures that share the world with us.

>All is perfect in its seeming imperfection.

In usual parlance, ‘perfection’ means ‘without flaw.’ But in order to understand flaw, you must have a pattern by which to judge. We only know of one universe—so far—and have no other pattern. So, we can say with some assurance that the universe has no flaws. Maybe in judgmental appearances, but not in reality.

>There is no eternal punishment or reward. Consciousness itself is eternal.

Growing up in evangelical circles, I came to understand that the reason we needed a Savior was because Satan had caused the First Humans to fall into sin and therefore, it was necessary to have an agonizing end for him. Hence, Hell. What they failed to realize was, it put Satan at the head of Western religion rather than Christ. 


Without Satan, there was no need for a savior. No need for a sacrifice. No need for a church. Well, we couldn’t have that, now could we? So, the emphasis for the past 2000 years has been on the evil of the world, not the good. Satan caused the entire creation to ‘fall.’ That means, according to Church doctrine, that there 'is no health in us.' 

God cannot even look upon the universe. He has to look at Jesus, the ‘perfect’ human who took away the Sin that Satan brought to the universe. They failed to mention that, since God is supposedly infinite, he must also dwell in the heart of Satan and in the depths of the hell created for him.

Reality is, no hell, no heaven, just eternal Consciousness. The Great Mystery. Love. Believe it, don’t believe it. All is well.

I know some of you won't agree with any of this; you may even consider it heresy. That's OK. 

All comments are welcome.

Next time: Life is good right here, right now…

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