Monday, August 21, 2017

How to Handle the Devil: Your Key to Power

By Richard Kent Matthews - Coach | Author | Speaker

You have the Power. Don't get forked!

We create our images of evil, then place them onto all kinds of mythical and not so mythical figures. But are they real?

An old Egyptian saying: “Ask not why the gods allow evil to exist while you yourself are doing your utmost to stir up strife.”

Forget the claims to the contrary. There is no evil in the world. At least not an evil entity of some sort, separate from our own minds.

How can I possibly make that statement when simple observation seems to indicate the exact opposite?

Let’s start with a premise. If this coming evening is a clear one where you live, go out into the night and look up at the stars (if you can see them). Notice the shimmering little lights. Sometimes a shooting meteorite will flash by. You may well call the night sky you are viewing beautiful. But is it really, or is it simply your opinion? (People used to believe that stars were heavenly windows through which the gods kept their eyes on us. Even more used to believe all the evil creatures inhabited the night, so don't go out there. Scary, eh?)

Beauty is not inherent in anything. Beauty is the result of your perspective and opinion. So is ugliness. So is evil.

Perception and perspective

You’re not actually seeing what’s “here.” You’re seeing an interpretation of it. And from that interpretation, you ultimately form perspective, a way of viewing that which you’ve interpreted.

Sounds complicated. It’s not.

The universe is energy; lots of light. That’s why we can see things. The light bounces off an object, hits our eye, is read by the brain and we have a picture. We also have an opinion of that picture. Most of those opinions were established in our past and now we take them for granted. They are truth to us. And they color all new pictures.

It remains, however, that perspective is not truth. That means that nothing in the universe has any meaning whatsoever, except the meaning you give it. 

Only in the human mind has the world been invaded by evil. And only in the human mind can that evil be overcome. 

Your true key to power, then? 

You can change your world, your experience, your life by changing your perspective. 

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