Thursday, August 3, 2017

Real Love Is Active Love - As You Think, So You Are--The Series - Part 5

By Richard Kent Matthews - Coach | Author | Speaker

As we come together in Love, we change. And the world changes, too.

So much talk of Peace, Peace these days. But peace begins inside before it manifests outside! You are the Key...

I once thought love was just a feeling, you know, like when you 'fall in love,' or when you love your pet, or your Mom. More syrup-y than substance. 

Still, as good as those feelings are, they're only the tip of the proverbial ice berg.

The word 'love' can be a bit ambiguous. Not everyone will agree on the meaning. So I share only my personal reflections here. You can take them or leave them. My hope is they will serve you in a way that helps you serve the world.
  • The practice of compassion is my number one goal.Do the least harm and the most good.” I consciously withdraw any need to harm or insult my fellow beings.
  • Giving and receiving are one principle. Everything returns to you in full measure. It's impossible to out-give the universe. You might say It's the Law.
  • Each person is free to choose his/her own path as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Dogmatic belief systems tend to damage, rather than heal, the community. 
  • Love is the Only Reality. This statement may seem a bit abstract so your embrace of it depends on how you choose to view reality. As I said above, Love is compassion in action. As I reach out to the world, I discover the truth in the statement. 
World peace may be a Utopian fantasy. But inner peace is always a possibility. To love, to share, to show compassion--to the creatures and to yourself--is a surefire way to reach that inner state. And who knows? You may well touch the world in such a way, it will become just that much closer to the 'fantasy.'

May you always know love, joy, and peace. Join me in sharing it with the world!

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