Thursday, October 5, 2017

You're Just One Word Away From Happiness!

By Richard Kent Matthews - Coach | Author | Speaker

Need a bit more color in your life?

"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude." Denis Waitley

The true secret to the joy filled life is gratitude. Not simply as a gesture, but as a lifestyle.

Each day, begin with Thank You even before you rise from your bed. Then, again before and after your morning rituals--coffee, breakfast, internet.

Remind yourself to be grateful for everything that you experience during the course of your day. It may not always be easy--life sometimes tosses us a sting--but it's always valuable.

Ultimately, the grateful approach to life will bring new vigor, energy, and abundance. 


Monday, October 2, 2017

Relax, Release, Recover! A Re-Connection Meditation

By Richard Kent Matthews - Coach | Author | Speaker

The Light has come!

If you have the time, the inclination, and the place,* join me in this life-changing meditation. Use it as often as you can. Record it if you choose. It won't take long.