Thursday, April 26, 2018

Conscious Kindness: How to Feel Happier in THIS Moment

By Richard Kent Matthews - Coach | Author | Speaker

The kinder you are, the more you shine!

Did you know being kind can be the key to new joy?

Kindness means a whole lot more than just being the ‘nice guy.’ It can help your heart and prolong your life!

You may have read a lot of material, seen a lot of videos, or daytime talk show guests espouse and tout the glories of kindness, or compassion. In some cases, they make it sound almost like thick syrup. Sweetsy, cuddly, almost ‘girly.’ After all, macho isn't kind, right? Wrong.

It’s none of that.

Kindness takes a special kind of courage, a kind of strength, and a kind of wise decision-making that many of us don’t always seem to possess. Or at least we fail, or forget to practice. Why? We're too caught up in our own challenges and misery. We think it might make us look weak, or too forgiving of the ones who ‘done let us down.’

Again, it’s none of that.

Ok, then what is kindness and whom does it benefit? Kindness--compassion--is simply doing the least harm and the most good at any give time.

And who does it benefit?

You, first of all. Kindness helps you step out of your own problems for a moment and feel happier. As you take your mind off yourself, even for just a little while, and place it on others, you stir up 'special' hormones that make you feel better. 

Kindness has a nearly miraculous way of helping your relationships. People like it when you’re kind. They respond to you with a smile. You like that, right?

It’s contagious. If you are kind, without being sloppy about it, of course, it can spread through the room like wildfire. Makes for a happier room, and hence, a happier you.

It’s good for heart health. These days, you hear more and more about the stresses and bad food choices we make that can really do a rough job on the cardiovascular system. The more you practice kindness, toward others and yourself, the better you feel, the better your heart likes it, the longer you last. It's good for the brain, too.

Which brings me to my final point, for now.

Kindness practiced on a regular basis may actually slow the aging process. There have been several major studies done that show the connection between how we treat ourselves and others and how much wear and tear we create on the body. The kinder and more compassionate you are, the less stress on your vitals!

So, the conscious practice of kindness brings you a good basket of benefits. You’ll be happier, your relationships will be stronger and better, you’ll help spread more joy, your heart will benefit, and you won’t age so fast.

Everyone around you benefits as well.

A word of  advice: When you add  better nutrition, get enough rest, exercise a bit, and share yourself with the world, kindness becomes almost automatic. Why? Because you're feeling more ship shape, less fatigued, ready to deal with any and all challenges. Combine it with gratitude, and you have the makings of a glorious day, a wonderful life, and an awakened consciousness.

You really can’t do much better than that!

Your life is blessed; share it with the world.

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