Thursday, April 19, 2018

Perfect Life: The Road to Boredom

By Richard Kent Matthews - Coach | Author | Speaker

Life is like a stained glass window. Beautiful until you look up close!

Every now and then, I like to repost this little quotation from John-Roger. 

What If?
(From Life 101 by John-Roger)

What if life were perfect? 

'What if you lived in a perfect world of perfect people and perfect possessions, with everyone and everything doing the perfect thing at the perfect time? What if you had everything you wanted, and only what you wanted, exactly as you wanted, precisely when you wanted it? What if, after a perfect length of time, you decided, “Perfection is a perfect bore!” 

What if, at that point in your perfect world, you noticed for the first time a button marked “Surprise!”? What if you walked over, considered all that might be contained in the concept of “surprise,” decided, “Anything’s better than perfect boredom,” took a deep breath, pushed the button… and found yourself where you are right now—feeling what you’re feeling now, thinking what you’re thinking now, with everything in your life precisely the way it is now, reading this?'

Sound far fetched? Maybe, but when you come to realize the absurdity of a perfect life, when you come to understand that you are more in the driver's seat than you might have thought, when you  accept that life, though not perfect in the 'No Flaw' sense, is actually perfectly imperfect, you begin the process of awakening.

Let every day be a new and gloriously imperfect beginning. You won't be bored. I can safely guarantee you of that.

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