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Richard Kent Matthews

Age 5
"Become your best. Share your best with the world. Miracles follow!"

"I believe in miracles. Not the supernatural kind. The everyday kind, the kind we often miss. It's one thing to walk on water. It's another to walk on the earth in peace and compassion. (I borrowed that phrase from spiritual teacher Thich Nhat Hanh.)"

     Originally from Southern California, Richard has lived in Los Angeles, Vancouver BC, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, and currently, Portland, Oregon for nearly 30 years.
     He spent some time in the US Army, stationed near Stuttgart, Germany after Basic Training in Louisiana. (During the Viet Nam era.)
Age 17
     Richard also has a list of volunteer projects including church, food banks, art museums, kids' programs, career classes for Easter Seals, and Alzheimer's Association speaker's bureau. Currently, he volunteers with Portland's Ride Connection, a public transportation advocacy organization  for seniors and people with disabilities (13 years).
     Richard loves Powell's Books in Portland where he does coffee and writing most mornings. He's written nearly 600 articles for blogs and online sites since 2002. Google his full name, you'll find more than three pages of listings.
Age 52
     Richard is also a semi-retired progressive New Thought minister, Certified Pastoral Counselor, and wedding officiant. ("In reality, no one ever truly retires from ministry. It's a lifelong calling.")

Weaknesses: Cats, babies, rain (Love the rain!), grilled cheese sandwiches. Also, I can tear up when moved.
Bragging rights: Survived a potentially deadly dunk off a friend's boat into the Columbia River near Portland, Oregon, on a cold rainy night in 1996!

A ministry in video...

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